Dynamic Systems - Parametric Design Workshop - Students Work

We are speechless and proud of our students works at the Dynamic Systems Parametric Workshop - It was amazing to see the amount of dedication and creativity that led to these wonderful works and the final exhibition that caught so much attention at the Bezel Architecture School in Jerusalem. all that magic in only 4.5 days!

We are very happy to welcome our new team to their first steps in the Parametric world and wish them lots of good-luck!

Emil Dikermacher @Ben Diller-Schatz @Shai ben ami @Goni Dagan @Vered Domovich @Roman Shapira Lior Skoury Liran Messer Ron Rapaport @Eilam Sklar @Itay Stoler @Or Musafi Adva Hess Victor Vasukov @Michael Ifergan @Chen Gabay @Hadas Rosin Gilad Rozenkof

Please checkout the their works at: