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We are pleased to announce the new collaboration between Studio Chimera and HIT (Holon Institute )

Happy to Announce our first collaboration with the HIT (Holon institute of technology) . We are very pleased and can't wait to meet the team. Waiting for great result!!

In the workshop we'll introduce to the participant the most updated and powerful tools of the parametric design field. We'll teach the core and basics of parametric way of thinking, and what does it mean today to be a parametric designer today?

The workshop will focus on the fields of "Non Linear Logics"which is one of the most fundamental concept for parametric design.

Moreover we'll also focus on 3d parametric modeling and smart geometries textures.

Do you also want to invite us and collaborat with you academy/ students/ studio/ office and gain a better understanding the digital tools of parametric design? Contact us today or visit our website

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