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Ancestors of Parametric Design

D'Arcy Thompson / Morphogenetics / Nonlinear Science --- Sir Darcy Thompson lived and worked in Edinburgh, Scotland between 1860-1948. Was a biologist and mathematician, and in 1917 published his book "On Growth and Form" in which he founded the field of research of "Morphogenetics". Morphogenetics is a concept that describes the process in which patterns and physical structures are created in plants and animals

In his study, Thompson highlighted the mathematical beauty of nature, and mathematics as the basis for all forms of nature. His research was in contrast to Darwin's theory of evolution and natural selection. D'Arcy believed in structuralism and a morphological mechanism that determines the shape of species in nature. During his studies, he conducted hundreds of experiments and observations on terrestrial animals, marine animals, birds, shells, algae and more.

Thompson's work has influenced scientists, mathematicians and designers, with the understanding that biological formulations can reflect physical and mathematical principles.

More about Thompson's work-

Thompson Zoological Museum, showing the remains of the original animals he researched

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